1. Civilized
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Mastered at Sage Audio – Nashville TN.

An unorthodox take on 'how the west was won'. A fun look at exactly what it means to be 'civilized'. The kazoo solo would make our pioneer heroes cringe. Keith on guitars and Dwight on lead vocal and kazoo.


When our eastern dreams had brought us all they’d brung
We head out west when the west was young
We set out like brave pioneers
Followed the sun to the wild frontier

We were home on the range, with six gun in hand
Shootin’ our bullets and tamin’ the land
We fought outlaws and injuns and most any one
And called it a day when the west was won

Now were civilized, Las Vegasized
We’re rbanized and the old days are gone
Now were tried and true, red white and blue
Well we’ve turned in our six guns for gambling and vice
Now the only we load and shoot are the dice

Back in the days of the Indian wars
Didn’t have Howard Johnson or souvenir stores
Didn’t have men like Eastwood or Johny Duke Wayne
When the Cowboys met the Redskins, it wasn’t a game

Now were civilized, Los Angelized
We’re rbanized and the old ways are gone
Now were tried and true, red white and blue
There’s no longer a danger of losing your hair
Now the only danger’s in breathin the air

(lead break)

Here we go – well, we laid super highways with billboard signs
Built our towns along the railroad lines
Became one big nation from sea to shining sea
Called the home of the brave in the land of the free

Now were civilized, westernized
Modernized, and the old days are goin, goin, gone
Yeah were tried and true, red white and blue
We no longer ride broncos and lasso the steer
Now we’re out riding bar stools, corralling the beer
Well at least that’s something

(instrument lead)
Happy trails to you…