1. Charlie
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Written for all the Charlies in the world and those who love them. Thanks to Rick George on bass and Leeann George who sang the background vocal and brought a mother's voice to Charlie's.


There were an even dozen
Before you came along
You became the 13th verse
Of a happy family song
They say your momma cried
On the day that you were born
Cause among her dozen roses
God had sent a thorn

You weren't like all the others
You couldn't run or jump as high
Your mind was filled with shadows
There was a dimness in your eyes
Some said that you were different
Others thought it was a shame
They wondered what your momma done
To bring about such pain

Charlie, they didn't understand
How a child like you fit into the plan
Charlie, they couldn't really see
What a child like you could ever hope to be
How you're
Part of the sunshine
And part of the rain
Part of the laughter
Part of the pain
Part of what you give
And part of what you take
Part of the dreams you lose
And the dreams you make

Momma began to see in you
What others couldn't see
The quiet peace you had inside
How gentle you could be
How you weren't afraid to show
What others try to hide
Momma she saw all these things
You became her joy and pride

Well, they say your momma cried
On the day you came to stay
But she cried all the more
On the day you went away
She took a dozen roses
And laid them on your grave
Then she thanked the Lord above
For the thorn He gave